Nine Moons Prenatal Classes starting soon!

Nine Moons Prenatal class is starting next Monday, November 5th, and there are spaces available!
If you or you know someone that may be interested please pass along the info.
A Healthy Pregnancy: The First Journey
All women who are interested in including elements of Aboriginal culture into the birthing experience are welcome.
This weekly gathering includes everything from learning about prenatal health to traditional foods.
Our professional midwife Deborah Kozlick along with our amazing elders and cultural facilitators are here to help prepare for this amazing experience and answer any of your questions.
Whether in the first, second or third trimester, the gatherings are designed to offer information for all pregnant women regardless of pregnancy stage.
Time: November 5th, 12th, 26th & December 3rd 2018 starting at 5:15pm to 8:00pm
Where: Wachiay Friendship Centre
Details: Dinner provided. Call if transportation required and because it is in the evening, we can reimburse for in home childcare rather than offering childminding on site.
Register with Deborah Kozlick at UIWONA
Phone: 250-703-1239 or

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